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Android Robotics

Learn to build a robot which will be controlled through an Android application


Create you own Low cost computer through Raspberry pi

Voice Controlled Robot

Easy to Create a robot that works on your Speech

Touchpad Robotics

Build your robot & control it using laptop touch pad or mouse

Human Following Robotics

Build a robot that follows where ever you go or it follows the object placed in front of it

Gesture Control Interface

Learn to make your PC into a gesture controlled PC or gesture controlled system

Gesture Control Robot

Make your own Robot which is controlled by your own Gestures

IoT-Internet of Things

Learn to program on arduino and cloud for controlling system over wifi networks

Touch & Augmented Reality

Interact with computer directly rather than using interfaces like mouse or keyboard

Line Following Robot

A robot that follows the track you want it to follow or known as a obstacle detector robot.

Radio Frequency Robotics

Build a robot which can be controlled through a remote

Propeller Display

Display information like name, title, time and any other information on concept of POV

About Infizeal

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Infi-Zeal Technologies being a knowledge platform also believes in sharing its domain expertise through its training programs. The main activity of this venture is providing training in IT Security, Robotics & Embedded Systems, Virtual Reality, Touch & Augmented Reality and various other technologies.

Infi-Zeal Technologies, founded by a group of technical experts from IIT Delhi with the fast knowledge in the field of Information Security and Embedded Systems. Our team has pledged to safeguard the future from cyber frauds and to deliver the quality products in the latest technologies.

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