Technical Workshops

A workshop is considered to be one of the best ways to gain practical knowledge through discussions. We at Infi-Zeal Technologies believe in disseminating quality knowledge to our trainees, we don’t want to impose our thoughts, instead we believe in cultivating a brilliant thought process mechanism where every trainee is able to think and present his or her ideas.

We conduct workshops in various domains, providing training in IT Security, Robotics & Embedded Systems, Ethical Hacking, Touch & Augmented Reality and various other technologies. One or two days workshop is provided by our experts who have immense knowledge on the subject they mentor. We are the leading training providers in the field of Robotics , Embedded Systems , IoT, Raspberry-Pi, Multi Touch Technology & Augmented Reality a.ka Surface Computing or Motion or Gesture Sensing Technology and many more in India.

We believe in delivering technological solutions along with quality knowledge in a simplified way to our trainees. Our training programs are discussion intensive, where trainees can raise their queries and directly interact with their mentors. When a student joins us, he or she can count on us, we would work on the learner and would ensure the most appropriate placement.

Workshop Modules


Android Robotics

Learn to build a robot which will be controlled through an Android application
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Augmented Controlled Interface

Learn to make your PC into a gesture controlled PC or gesture controlled system
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Ethical Hacking

Learn to secure systems, email id, wi-fi networks, PC’s, laptops
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Voice Controlled Robotics

Easy to Create a robot that works on your Speech
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Propeller Display

Display information like name, title, time and any other information
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Human Following Robotics

Build a robot that follows where ever you go or it follows the object placed in front of it
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Gesture Control Robotics

Make your own Robot which is controlled by your own Gestures
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Mobile Controlled/DTMF Robotics

Learn to make a robot which can be controlled by using a mobile.
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Radio Frequency Robotics

Build a robot which can be controlled through a remote
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Self Balancing Robotics

Learn how to make a self balancing robot or how they work
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Touch and Augmented Reality

Interact with computer directly rather than using interfaces like mouse or keyboard
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Line Following Robotics

A robot that follows the track you want it to follow
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Internet Of Things

Learn to program on arduino and cloud for controlling system over wifi networks
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Touch Pad Robotics

Build your robot & control it using laptop touch pad or mouse
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Create you own Low cost computer through Raspberry pi
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