RaspberryPi Workshop

Raspberry-Pi is two days workshop in which our trainer focuses on RaspberryPi which is a small, inexpensive, low power flexible computer. Its capabilities have made it very popular among makers and hobbyists, who see Raspberry-Pi a cheap way of bringing a relatively large amount of computation power to their projects.

This workshop will take total time of max 16 Hours which is divided into two parts that is 8 Hours per day and divided into four different session .

Benefits to the participants

    • Practical Exposure by Experts

Students will get Hands on Experience

    • Infi-Zeal Certification

Each Participant will get ISO certification.

    • Infi-Zeal Toolkit

Take away toolkit will be given in a group of 4-5 students.

    • Email Support

6 Months Email support.

    • Summer and Winter Training

15% Discount on Summer & Winter Training Program by Infizeal Technologies.

    • Placement and Internship

We will provide placement and internship to deserving candidates.