Training Programs

Infizeal industrial summer training modules are designed by our technical team to cater all sorts off technical issues which a student faces in real time world. The various different modules are based on the upcoming technology trends i.e. (IoT) Internet of things, Robotics, Augmented reality, PCB Printed circuit board, Embedded system.

We provide summer training program on Live Projects which helps student to get a look and feel on how the industry works in the particular domain which provides them an upper hand to evolve as a technical evangelist .The recent technology trends such as IoT has changed the global market and equipped the people with more benefits.

Our training program bridges this gap of campus to corporate so that student is not left behind in the cut throat competition .We guide students to enroll for modules which suits best for their academic needs. Summer training session helps the student in understanding the things practically as more emphasis is given on practical training session. In summer training the student is equipped with kits on which he/she works to understand the logical reasons as to what is happing in the background of the hardware kit along with working on the software.

Our workshop Modules

Infizeal provides technical workshops especially designed for B.E/B.Tech (E.C.E, E.E.E, C.S).Workshops is the best way to gain practical knowledge in minimum time like two days and students will get hands on practice session by industry experts. Our trainers are trained in such a way that they can easily handle the student’s queries and make them understand on technical issues with technical expertise. These training's and workshops are job oriented and having demand in the industry.

Our workshops are based on embedded systems, we teach students on different and new technologies. Our focus is to enhance the technical skills of each student in workshop and Training program. Also, if you're looking for industrial exposure or just to brush up on your skills, Infizeal offers two Days workshops to help students to sharpen their technical skills. We provides trainings and workshops on different topics like Robotics, Embedded Systems, IoT-Internet of Things, PCB designing, Ethical Hacking , Multi touch and Augmented Reality, Augmented Interface and many more.

Fantastic 4 Robotics

Learn to build four types of Robots Android,Voice Controlled, Bluetooth & Gesture Control

Android Robotics

Learn to build a robot which will be controlled through an Android application

Gesture Control Robotics

Make your own Robot which is controlled by your own Gestures

Touchpad Robotics

Build your robot & control it using laptop touch pad or mouse

IoT-Internet of Things

Learn to program on Nodemcu and cloud for controlling system over wifi networks

virtual reality

Convert your laptop screen into touchscreen and many more

Human Following Robotics

Build a robot that follows where ever you go or it follows the object placed in front of it

Voice Controlled Robotics

Easy to Create a robot that works on your Speech

3D Augmented Reality

Students will be able to make AR objects, games and characters.Make 3D avtar etc

Augmented Control Interface

Students will be able to make your own gesture control interface or gesture control system

Line Following Robotics

A robot that follows the track you want it to follow or known as a obstacle detector robot.


Create you own Low cost computer through Raspberry pi

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Technical Workshops

Infi-Zeal Technologies conduct workshops in various domains in IT Security, Robotics & Embedded Systems, Ethical Hacking, Touch & Augmented Reality & various other technologies.We believe in delivering technological solutions along with quality knowledge.

For all those looking for Technology solutions,This is the best place to take a HALT! Infi-Zeal Technologies serves clients seeking technology solutions,knowledge in the field of Embedded System,Robotics, IoT, Augmented Reality,PCB designing, Ethical Hacking & many more.

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