Fantastic Four Robotics

Fantastic 4 Robotics workshop

Fantastic 4 Robotics is two days workshop in which our trainer focuses on introducing participants to the world of Embedded Systems. This workshop will take total time of max 16 Hours which is divided into two parts that is 8 Hours per day.

This workshop is divided into four different session in which participants are introduced to various concepts related Embedded Systems ,Robotics and Arduino .

At the end of the workshop students will be able to make 4 types of robots i.e. Android Robot, Voice Controlled Robot, Gesture Control Robot and Bluetooth Robot in one workshop.

Benefits to the participants

    • Practical Exposure by Experts

Students will get Hands on Experience

    • Infi-Zeal Certification

Each Participant will get ISO certification.

    • Infi-Zeal Toolkit

Take away Toolkit will be given in a group of 4-5 students.

    • Email Support

6 Months Email support.

    • Summer and Winter Training

15% Discount on Summer & Winter Training Program by Infizeal Technologies.

    • Placement and Internship

We will provide placement and internship to deserving candidates.