STEM Program

Infizeal STEM Program

STEM Education is known for its focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All the terms are co-related with each other. We offer Robotics and Science programs to inspire students and it will be fun and hands on experience sessions for them. STEM education plays a very important role nowadays.

STEM education creates critical thinker, problem solvers and innovators in today’s world. India is one of the best countries to produce scientists and engineers and growth of STEM is increasing day by day from the last few years.

Let’s talk about STEM:

  • Science: It is everywhere in the world around us.
  • Technology: It is expanding day by day
  • Engineering: Helps in tackling the challenges in global changes.
  • Maths: Applicable in every field and job.

Introducing school students with STEM help to make them more passionate about their career in the early stage.


Looking for one of the creative after-school or school vacations activity for your child around? Our innovative program for school kids helps students to improve their skills through interactive projects. This program is just perfect for those who have great imagination or love towards technology or would like to figure out how things work in real life.

STEM Program is a new experience for every child who loves to build their skills in technology. This program will introduce students to the new level of study in which they explore the real world challenges.

Let’s get ready to inspire each student an early love for STEM and make their future brighter.

Don’t miss the Robotics and Science programs at INFIZEAL!

What student will learn during the sessions with INFIZEAL?

  • Enjoy the live projects
  • Our program encourages students to solve the problems and learn technology at early stage. Students will do experiments and learn something to create a robot.

  • Boost their confidence
  • Your child always need personal attention and we intentionally created a support system to them and provide an environment which encourages exploration, creativity and problem solving experience.

  • Explore Science concepts
  • Your child explores the science through practical experience & our curriculum helps them to understand it easily.

  • Hands on Experience
  • Kids are challenged and love to do experiments with everyday material to solve the real world problems. Our trainers teach them in right direction where they create interest in students to know more about the technology.

  • Team work
  • As we know scientists don’t work in isolation. They work in teams and we teach students how to collaborate and share the new ideas with each other to create something unique.


    Technology helps students to think more technically and practically. In this, your child can make their own projects and can create something out of box.


    To create or build something extraordinary we need dreamers and problem solvers. Big buildings, cars, bridges etc don’t build themselves. In other words, we need ENGINEERS! And here WE CREATE ENGINEERS.

    At Infizeal, we want to help your child to discover the world of engineering. Students will enjoy each session to understand the concept of STEM through experiments. Students will learn to make their own projects.

    In this program, your child will think like an engineer & they learn how to create, design, test and get the final project. Students get involved in their work as they don’t even realize they are learning STEM and solving their problems individually.

    How Engineering helps your child

    • Your child will learn engineering terms & work on their skills.
    • Our projects encourage problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills. It is a great creative exercise.
    • Hands on experience. Your child love to work on different hardware components & get engaged in projects.


    Infizeal offers different maths programs. Our trainers teach students about the basic of mathematics.

    Success starts with STEM CAMPS

    If you are looking for exciting experiences this summer for your kids. Infizeal provides STEM camps to make kids smarter and intelligent.

    Nothing beats STEM program this SUMMERS.

    Learn super cool STEM skills which help students in schools as well as in real life. Infizeal STEM summer camps are designed to be interactive and exciting for all school students.

    About Trainers

    You are a great parent and need not to worry about the trainer. We care for your kids and have certified trainers to care for your child. They are experts in teaching and understand child’s needs, motivate or engage them in projects. Also help them to boost their confidence.

    Benefits of STEM Education

    • Improve individual skills & abilities.
    • Boost confidence in your child.
    • Improvement in social, leadership and communication skills.
    • Prepare your child for the technological innovations.
    • Enhance problem solving & creative skills.
    • STEM is motivating, engaging and real-world inspired.
    • Deep understanding of concepts.