Interactive Designing



15 days/30 days

Intended Audience

B.Tech/B.E Students/ Working Professionals from Corporate


Basic of Electronics

WIIFM (What’s in it for me)

Infi-Zeal Technologies is introducing Interactive Designing (Open Source Prototyping) Training. Open Source Hardware refers to computer and electronic hardware that are designed in the same fashion as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

In these 30 days training students will interact with Freeduinos, Sensors, Kinect, Processing, Cameras and lot more. We will try to blur the line between physical and digital world. We also included some special lectures on topics Sixth Sense Device, Multi-Touch Table and Object Detection. We are not willing to bind students towards Robotics, Embedded Systems and Programming but we want to take out their creative side out of them and mix that with today’s technology. So let be a bit creative by stepping into future with us.

Topics to be covered in Training

  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Introduction to Freeduino
  • LED Interfacing Theory
  • LCD Interfacing
  • DC Motor Interfacing
  • Working of IR Sensors – Theory
  • Digital IR Sensors b. Analog IR Sensors
  • Buzzer interfacing (Audio Outputs)
  • Keypad Interfacing
  • Matrix Keypad Interfacing
  • PWM – Theory
  • Assignment & Revision
  • Speech Controlling Technique
  • Exam – Theory & Practical
  • Introduction of NUI
  • Introduction to Kinect
  • Introduction to Processing Language
  • Working on Depth Image
  • Working on Point Cloud
  • Working on Skeleton Data
  • Kinect Robotics (Kinematics)
  • Kinect Robotics (Inverse Kinematics)
  • Introduction to Multi- touch System
  • Introduction of Object Detection Techniques
  • Reactivion and its Applications
  • Exam –Theory & Practical
  • Project work by Student
  • Report Submission

Take away for participants

  • Certification

Each Participant will get a National Level Certificate.

  • Infizeal Toolkit

Software CD With Study Material will be given to each student
Open Source Prototyping Kit

  • Email Support

6months Email support.

  • Live Projects
  • Work on live projects

NOTE* All students are required to take their laptops (optional)